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Ultra narrow window-Super large view

Global Bestseller: Advanced Ultra-Narrow Frame Aluminum Profile Window & Door Series – Integrating Cutting-edge Specifications, Performance with International Demands

Product Overview:

Our premium ultra-narrow frame aluminum profile window and door series have become a global favorite, perfectly aligning modern architectural aesthetics with practical requirements through its distinctive design concept, precise specifications, and outstanding performance features.

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    Specification Parameters

    Frame Width: In line with global trends, the ultra-narrow frame width is refined to a range between 20mm to 45mm, achieving maximum frameless viewing area, and fulfilling architects' and homeowners' pursuit of expansive spatial sensations.

    Glass Dimensions: Adhering to international norms, single glass panels can reach up to 2.5m x 3.2m, and larger areas can be assembled based on specific project needs, guaranteeing ample natural light penetration for both high-end residential and large commercial spaces.

    Opening Modes: Offering a variety of options including inward opening, outward opening, sliding, and folding mechanisms. The highly recommended tilt and turn style is particularly popular in the European and American markets, striking a balance between ventilation and enhanced security.


    Performance Characteristics

    Thermal Insulation: Employing double or triple-glazed Low-E glass combined with PA66 Heat Insulated Strip, the overall U-value of the window is controlled below 1.4W/(m²·K), exceeding the stringent European EN12519 standard, exemplifying the product's energy-saving attributes.

    Sound Insulation: Boasting a sound reduction capability of over 35 decibels, this window system is especially suitable for bustling urban areas and projects near busy transportation hubs, ensuring a serene living and working environment.

    Seal Performance: Implementing multiple sealing systems, ensures that both watertightness and airtightness meet the highest Level 6 standards, effectively preventing water ingress 
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